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Founder | Caio Laborda-Davies
Founder | Caio Laborda-Davies
Founder | Caio Laborda-Davies
Founder | Caio Laborda-Davies

We're digital growers cultivating brands through bespoke creative services.

Bonsai fuses imaginative talent and bleeding-edge technology to help purpose-driven brands sculpt meaningful connections and accelerate their growth online.Our boutique studio specializes in sleek branding, viral content powered by AI, and integrated marketing campaigns designed to showcase products in the best possible light while driving real business results.Whether you need visual assets, a website refresh, or bespoke digital experiences tailored to your vision - let Bonsai reimagine your potential with completely customized creative solutions.

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Content creation

From logos and branding to videos and presentations, we craft professional visual assets to strengthen your brand identity.

Digital design

We create modern, responsive websites optimized for lead generation and sales. Our custom designs showcase your brand and make your business stand out.


We run targeted digital marketing campaigns across multiple channels to attract your ideal customers. Our data-driven approach ensures the highest ROI.

Digital Services for Changemakers

Whether you're an eCommerce pioneer empowering ethical brands, a forward-thinking academic reimagining learning, a nonprofit director creating local hope and change, an ambitious founder poised for startup success, an innovative marketing leader revitalizing your industry, or simply an incredible human using business to manifest bold visions into reality...We see you. We get you. And we're here to help crystallize your vision with our full range of specialized digital media services—from video production to web design to marketing strategies and everything in between—carefully tailored to fit the soul of your organization while making the kind of digital impact that you not only want, but wholeheartedly deserve.So what do you say—are you ready to turn dreams into digital reality with us?Reach out and let's chat!


Content Creation

Amplify Your Audience Engagement

Video Production Bring your message to life through the power of cinematic video. From animated explainers and product demos to compelling ads and viral social content, our experienced videographers and editors deliver professional results showcasing your organization at its best.


Digital Design

A Beautiful Online First Impression

Our skillfully designed websites perfectly showcase your brand with compelling copy, elegant visuals, and conversions in mind. We build accessibility and performance in from the ground up, allowing customers to engage seamlessly with your services on any device.

What We Offer:

  • Stunning Visual Design - Eye-catching interfaces with branding elements that reinforce your unique identity. Over 83% of customers say visual appeal is important in their purchasing decisions.

  • Conversion-Focused - Calls-to-action, lead gen forms, chatbots and other elements maximize on-site conversions into sales. Our clients see 2x more leads from their website after our redesigns.

  • Responsive Mobile Design - We develop sites optimized for all devices so over 60% of mobile traffic can seamlessly engage with your brand.

  • Content Integration - We seamlessly incorporate blogging, videos, testimonials etc so visitors stay longer and convert more often.

Industry Examples:

Marketing & Advertising

Insight-Driven Marketing Campaigns

Reach, engage, and grow your audience through results-driven digital marketing. Our data-led strategies encompass SEO, pay-per-click, social media management, email marketing, and beyond—executed by specialists dedicated to generating ROI.

Channels We Leverage:

  • Search Engine Marketing - Keyword-optimized Google and Bing ads target people searching for your products and services. Our ads have achieved up to a 20% click-through rate, doubling lead generation.

  • Social Media Marketing - Strategic Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn campaigns build connections with potential customers. We consistently improve engagement rates by up to 33% per campaign.

  • Email Marketing - Personalized email sequences nurture prospects and educate them on your offerings, leading to 38% more sales than single generic emails.

  • Retargeting Ads - Remarketing across channels puts your brand at the top of mind with past site visitors, reminding them to return and convert with 7% higher effectiveness than typical display ads.

You’ll Benefit From:

  • More Leads, Traffic & Sales Across All Channels

  • Improved Online Visibility & Brand Awareness

  • Higher Conversions from Interested Prospects

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Founder | Caio Laborda-Davies

Caio Laborda-Davies

Founder of bonsai.

I'm Caio, the founder and chief creative visionary here at Bonsai. When I started this passion project several years ago, I set out with the goal of using my diverse media production and technical skills to help businesses and changemakers bring their visions to life.After over a decade working in AV, video production, web design, animation, photography, and other digital mediums (including some time with clients like the University of Cambridge and the Sanger Institute), I noticed a gap in the market for a business that combined top-notch creative services with the flexibility, heart and care that I believe comes from working with someone who truly cares about you and your needs.My vision with Bonsai's network of creatives and my wide breadth of audiovisual, design and tech expertise to deliver exceptional results for clients, while keeping the process fun, human and meaningful. I love using my unique blend of creative and analytical skills to find innovative solutions, overdeliver on client expectations, and forge partnerships that last.When you work with Bonsai, you're not just getting a digital services vendor - you're getting a passionate second set of eyes who will listen and care about your organization as much as you do. My goal is to wow you with how creative, customizable and budget-conscious I can be in bringing your vision to stunning digital life.I can't wait to roll up my sleeves, learn all about your world, and explore how we can transform your goals into reality together using media that resonates. Feel free to reach out so we can chat about how Bonsai might be able to meet your needs!Speak soon,Caio Laborda-Davies

Proud to have worked with...


Cambridge Thai Boxing Academy

"I cannot recommend Bonsai highly enough. Since hiring them to handle all my online presence and marketing, the Cambridge Thai Boxing Academy has grown tremendously.The website beautifully captures the essence of Muay Thai with an easy enrollment process that has doubled my student count. Their videography skills are superb as well - my latest video on handwrapping techniques has gotten over 20,000 views!More importantly, Bonsai provides the metrics and data I need on a monthly basis to keep improving my offerings. They understand my long-term vision and have helped bring it to life. My academy wouldn't be where it is today without their genius digital strategies and solutions. Thanks Bonsai!"

Founder | Caio Laborda-Davies

Junior Herbert
Founder of C.T.B.A.
3X Kickboxing & Muay Thai Champion

Services:Website Design, Content Creation, Digital Marketing

Cider Incider

"As a small business owner trying to compete with the big players in the cider industry, having an engaging online presence was make-or-break for getting Cider Incider off the ground.After chatting with the team at Bonsai, I knew immediately that they understood both my ethos around high quality craft cider as well as the digital landscape. They created a website for Cider Incider that beautifully reflects our focus on sourcing the best apples as well as traditional cider making techniques.Bonsai also provides ongoing content that educates consumers and builds brand awareness. Their articles and videos on cider varietals, food pairings and the history of cider making establish us as thought leaders. I've been amazed at how viral some of the videos have gone!Most importantly, Bonsai handles all the technical optimization behind the scenes - SEO, metadata, etc. We grew out sales 10x in the space of 8 months! We simply couldn't have grown so rapidly without their brilliant strategy and execution.I'm so glad Cider Incider has a partner like Bonsai that combines creative vision and digital expertise. My business, and ciders, are definitely better for it!"

Founder | Caio Laborda-Davies

Lee Barresi
Founder of Cider Incider
The UK's largest craft cider retailer

Services:Website Design, Content Creation, Digital Marketing


360° Immersive Media

Transport your customers to new worlds with Bonsai's immersive 360 content.
Our 360 video and VR experiences showcase products and spaces in an interactive, engaging way.

AI for Business

Boost Your Business Growth with Tailored AI Solutions

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to fuel your success online. We identify the latest AI marketing tools and tailor them to fit your unique business needs, like generating targeted product descriptions, creating custom visual assets, or analyzing customer data to reveal profitable insights. For one health supplement client, implementing an AI-powered content strategy led to a 50% increase in organic site traffic and 30% rise in sales within 4 months. Let our AI experts curate the ideal solutions to help you convert visitors, captivate audiences, and maximize profits.