Founder | Caio Laborda-Davies
Founder | Caio Laborda-Davies
Founder | Caio Laborda-Davies
Founder | Caio Laborda-Davies

We're digital growers cultivating brands through bespoke creative services.

Bonsai Media is your digital force multiplier. Our boutique agency fuses creative talent with cutting-edge tech to craft powerful brand narratives, viral content, and marketing campaigns that attract your ideal customers and drive measurable business growth.

Ready to kickstart your business?

Content creation

High-impact visual assets and AI-powered content tailored to reinforce your brand identity and captivate your audience.

Digital design

Captivating, conversion-optimized web experiences that seamlessly blend branding, UX, and technology to showcase your business.


Full-funnel digital marketing solutions leveraging data-driven strategies, emerging channels, and breakthrough creative to maximize ROI.

Digital Services for Changemakers

You're a visionary - a bold innovator using business to spark positive change and manifest your ambitious dreams into reality. But to truly maximize your impact, you need a digital presence that crystalizes your vision and resonates with your audience on a profound level.That's where bonsai media comes in. We're digital storytellers and growth catalysts who combine imaginative talent with bleeding-edge tech to amplify your brand and accelerate meaningful connections. Our full suite of specialized services like video production, web design, AI content, and data-driven marketing are carefully tailored to capture the soul of your organization and cultivate tangible results.Ready to elevate your digital impact and growth?Get in touch today for a free consultation on how we can bring your boldest visions into digital reality.


Content Creation

Craft Captivating Visual Stories

Bring your brand's narrative to life through the powerful medium of video. Our cinematic production team blends technical mastery with creative ingenuity to deliver high-impact video assets that emotionally resonate and drive engagement.


From punchy product demos and immersive 360° experiences to compelling brand anthems and viral social media content - we leverage the latest production techniques and emerging technologies to showcase your organization's essence in the most captivating light.- Animated Explainers Simplify complex ideas and product concepts through mesmerizing animated videos. Our motion design wizards transform the abstract into visually stunning stories that educate and inspire.- AI Content Creation Unlock exponential content creation capabilities through our AI-powered video, copy, and design workflows. With a seamless blend of human ingenuity and machine intelligence, we can rapidly produce personalized assets at scale.Your story deserves to be told in a way that sparks meaningful connections. Let bonsai craft the kind of immersive, emotionally resonant visual experiences that captivate your audience's imaginations.

Digital Design

Craft Immersive Online Brand Experiences

Your website is the virtual front door to your business - is it making the right impression? At bonsai, we blend cutting-edge design with conversion-focused strategy to create stunning digital experiences that reinforce your brand narrative and cultivate meaningful customer connections.

What We Offer:

Conversion Architecture
Behind every beautiful pixel is purposeful architecture meticulously engineered to nurture users through a seamless journey - from initial interest to loyal customer and brand advocate. Strategically-placed CTAs, lead capture tools, and frictionless UX design ensure your website is a revenue-driving asset.
Optimized for Engagement
In today's mobile-first world, a non-responsive website is a dealbreaker. Our progressive web experiences are optimized for flawless performance across all devices, allowing your audience to immerse themselves in your brand's narrative anytime, anywhere.
Future-Proof & Scalable
With an eye towards emerging technologies like AI, Web3, and the Metaverse, our development approach ensures your digital presence can nimbly adapt and scale as new channels and opportunities arise to captivate customers.
Whether you need an innovative website redesign or a custom-crafted digital ecosystem from scratch, bonsai's fusion of creative talent and technical expertise will elevate your online presence into an unforgettable branded experience.

Industry Examples:

Marketing & Advertising

Growth Engineered Through Data-Driven Strategies

In today's crowded online landscape, having a great product or service is simply not enough. You need precision digital marketing campaigns engineered to cut through the noise and cultivate meaningful connections with your ideal audience.At bonsai, our growth strategists fuse data-driven insights with creative ingenuity to architect full-funnel marketing campaigns that attract, nurture and convert your highest-value customers.

Holistic Promotion Engine
From SEO and paid advertising to social media, email nurturing, influencer marketing and more - we design and execute unified promotional engines that increase your brand's visibility and resonance across all relevant channels.
Leveraging Emerging Channels
While a strong foundation in proven channels is essential, we also stay ahead of the curve by leveraging emerging platforms like AI content creation, Web3 communities, the Metaverse and more to captivate early adopter audiences.
Optimized for Conversions
Our growth strategies don't just drive traffic - they are engineered from the ground up for maximum conversions and customer lifetime value. Through continuous A/B testing, retargeting, and funnel optimization, we relentlessly improve ROI.
Data-Driven Iteration
We treat marketing as a science, meticulously tracking KPIs across all channels and leveraging AI-driven insights to continuously optimize campaign performance. Our data-driven iteration ensures your promotions remain hyper-relevant.
With bonsai as your digital marketing partner, you gain a competitive growth engine precisely calibrated to attract your ideal audience, nurture authentic relationships, and drive measurable revenue increases. We are your force multiplier for scalable success.


Founder | Caio Laborda-Davies

Caio Laborda-Davies

Founder of bonsai.

I'm Caio Laborda-Davies, Founder and Creative Director of bonsai media - a pioneering digital agency amplifying the impact of visionary brands and changemakers through immersive online experiences.Bonsai was born from my vision to fuse innovative creative services with emerging technologies after over a decade of expertise in video production, web design, animation, photography and more for esteemed organizations like the University of Cambridge. I recognized an opportunity to elevate the traditional agency model by combining exceptional execution with genuine care, flexibility and human connection.This ethos is core to bonsai's DNA. By leveraging my multidisciplinary skills and a highly-curated team of creative professionals, we craft high-impact digital assets and unified brand narratives tailored to capture each client's unique essence. But we go beyond aesthetic - obsessing over data-driven strategies to cultivate tangible business growth.As your creative partner, you're not just gaining a vendor, but a passionate co-pilot laser-focused on manifesting your boldest visions into digital reality. With a rare cross-section of artistic talent and analytical prowess, I architect innovative, budget-conscious solutions guaranteed to resonate emotionally and deliver measurable ROI.I'm excited to immerse myself in your world, explore how bonsai can elevate your brand's impact, and forge a long-lasting partnership. If you're ready to spark meaningful connections and accelerate meaningful growth through captivating online experiences, let's talk.

Proud to have worked with...


Cambridge Thai Boxing Academy

"When I approached Caio to revamp my Muay Thai Boxing Club's website, I knew it was long overdue. The original site, aged over 8 years, was showing its wear. But what Caio delivered was beyond my expectations.
His passion for his craft was palpable from the start. Caio didn't just want to build a website; he wanted to capture the essence of my club, reflecting its values and my personality. He took the time to understand what made us unique and translated that into an engaging online presence.
Caio's skills as a videographer added another layer of depth to the project. He attended multiple classes to capture authentic footage, which he seamlessly integrated into the website. This attention to detail truly set our site apart.Beyond the website itself, Caio offered invaluable advice on marketing strategies. Despite the prevalent belief that social media alone suffices, Caio demonstrated the enduring value of a well-crafted website. Since its launch, our client base has surged by 50%, proving that investing in a quality website pays dividends.For anyone in need of a website that truly embodies their vision, Caio is the person to turn to. His expertise, dedication, and competitive pricing make him the ultimate choice. I couldn't be happier with the results, and I urge anyone seeking similar success to trust Caio with their project.Take a look at our website to see Caio's craftsmanship firsthand.
Many thanks, Caio, for your outstanding work!"

Founder | Caio Laborda-Davies

Junior Herbert
Founder of C.T.B.A.
3X Kickboxing & Muay Thai Champion

Services:Website Design, Content Creation, Digital Marketing

Cider Incider

"As a small business owner trying to compete with the big players in the cider industry, having an engaging online presence was make-or-break for getting Cider Incider off the ground.After chatting with the team at Bonsai, I knew immediately that they understood both my ethos around high quality craft cider as well as the digital landscape. They created a website for Cider Incider that beautifully reflects our focus on sourcing the best apples as well as traditional cider making techniques.Bonsai also provides ongoing content that educates consumers and builds brand awareness. Their articles and videos on cider varietals, food pairings and the history of cider making establish us as thought leaders. I've been amazed at how viral some of the videos have gone!Most importantly, Bonsai handles all the technical optimization behind the scenes - SEO, metadata, etc. We grew out sales 10x in the space of 8 months! We simply couldn't have grown so rapidly without their brilliant strategy and execution.I'm so glad Cider Incider has a partner like Bonsai that combines creative vision and digital expertise. My business, and ciders, are definitely better for it!"

Founder | Caio Laborda-Davies

Lee Barresi
Founder of Cider Incider
The UK's largest craft cider retailer

Services:Website Design, Content Creation, Digital Marketing


360° Immersive Media

Transcend Dimensions, Amplify EngagementIn a world inundated with digital noise, simply capturing attention is no longer enough. To truly captivate modern audiences, you need immersive experiences that transport them into your brand's narrative in tangible, multi-sensory ways.At bonsai, we are pioneers of immersive media - fusing cutting-edge 360° video, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) technologies with bold creative visions. Our immersive productions shatter the boundaries of conventional content, allowing your audience to become active participants in your story.

Interactive Virtual Tours
Bring your physical spaces and products to vivid life through dimensionally-rich 360° video tours. As users intuitively navigate and explore every angle of your offering, they forge deeper emotional connections.
Immersive Training & Education
Accelerate comprehension and knowledge retention through interactive VR simulations. Transform abstract concepts into experiential journeys where users learn by doing in hyper-realistic virtual environments.
Augmented Brand Experiences
Transcend the limitations of physical media through AR activations that seamlessly blend your brand's narrative with the user's immediate surroundings. Spark their imaginations and leave lasting impressions.
Gamified Engagement
Integrate gameplay mechanics like points, badges, and unlockable content into your immersive experiences. Amplify user engagement while collecting valuable data to refine your approach.
Whether for marketing, training, events, or pure entertainment - bonsai's immersive media productions elevate your audience's experience from passive consumption to active participation. We are creative vanguards helping brands manifest their visions into new digital realms.

AI for Business

Boost Your Business Growth with Tailored AI Solutions

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to fuel your success online. We identify the latest AI marketing tools and tailor them to fit your unique business needs, like generating targeted product descriptions, creating custom visual assets, or analyzing customer data to reveal profitable insights. For one health supplement client, implementing an AI-powered content strategy led to a 50% increase in organic site traffic and 30% rise in sales within 4 months. Let our AI experts curate the ideal solutions to help you convert visitors, captivate audiences, and maximize profits.