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What Can We Do for You?

bonsai creates and curates digital content and marketing strategies to amplify your voice and grow your business. We help you build a brand with not only great design but also great strategy.


Media Production

Creating engaging, unique content for your business is our core competency; it’s an essential ingredient for any online marketing strategy.

Design Services

We ensure your ideas make it from imagination to reality, crafting brands and campaigns that grow your engagement.

Online Marketing

Need to grow your business and reach more people locally, nationally, or internationally?

We create bespoke and efficient marketing campaigns that are data-driven to find new customers and audience.

Consultation & Stewardship

Our USP is the thoughtful and progressive growth. Careful attention to detail, with long term planning for success and efficient using the resources to grow effectively. Success is best shared. 


Why Choose bonsai

Your business needs a boost:


There’s a lot of stories out there about businesses who spent a fortune on web design, media production and marketing to boost their business – but little about the brands that successfully launched their unique brand identity, created a buzz around unique media and specialist content – and built an online audience of prospects, fans and subscribers.


That’s why we’ve created bonsai. We work with clever, creative people to create digital content, design sites and create marketing campaigns from idea to execution.

Online marketing, business development and digital content creation: Businesses grow through a variety of mediums, but Bonsai can offer a single source for your online marketing, web design and media production needs.

Reach new audiences

Target new and existing audiences through data-driven campaigns to efficiently grow your brand

High Quality Production

Eye-catching content that can be used in all applications to promote your concept to the best standards


Our highly consultative approach delivers a clear path to finding and reaching the project goals

Experienced Advisors

The world wide web is vast. Take a shortcut to finding the best tools and techniques to thrive online. 

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